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January 2017

We Need More of This Chicken

The divisiveness unfolding across the US and on social media is threatening to touch off the next American civil war.  It’s almost inescapable.  Comedians, streamers and other usually reliable sources for yuks and daily diversion are mired in the fray as well.  Where I used to find Rick Astley and Patrick Stewart, I’m now finding Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer.  (In fairness, the Conway and Spicer memes have been pretty funny)  These are truly extraordinary times we’re living in, and in all seriousness the gravity of that situation is not lost on me.  That being, I need a break and I’m not finding in the places I normally turn to.

And this chicken happened to me on Facebook.

And my faith in the Internet was restored.  We need more of this chicken and less of that other guy in a big way.

the Usurper – An Original Short Film

The Mousepad Heroes team is proud to announce that our first short film is now available on YouTube.  the Usurper tells the story of Jack Faraday and one seemingly normal day that goes horribly wrong.  Or does it?  The Usurper’s true nature is not revealed and Jack’s fate is left hanging in the balance.  Enjoy this fine work of Internet film and stay tuned for more installments.


MPH Podcast EP #1 – My Family Had Colecovision

On our first episode of Mousepad Heroes, Jay & Liz set the stage for many conversations to come by discussing the access to technology and the Internet that kids have today.  We look back at our own experiences discovering technology and dive in to some of the social circles we find online.  The conversation explores the sense of wonder, adventure and risk we experience connecting with people online through gaming and the dangers that exist for kids making those same connections.

Reference Notes:

  1. The now defunct video game retailer that sold used equipment in the late 1990s in the US was FuncoLand (now GameStop)
  2. The mobile game Kingdom Clash is published by FireMocha and Clash of Clans is published by Supercell

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