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March 2017

MPH Podcast EP #7 – What Happened to Paper Routes?

We cover a range of topics in this episode from baseball to flag football to the level of stink that accumulates when you get a group of kids in a room.  We also talk about the Nintendo Switch, how Jay acquired his first NES many moons ago and some of the more risque games we try to keep out of our kids hands.  This includes a walk down memory lane to the lost art of delivering paper routes and the Sierra games that shaped a generation of nerds.

Reference notes:

  1. The Pittsburgh Pirates play at PNC Park
  2. Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia was notoriously rowdy and did feature a jail
  3. Sierra Entertainment, makers of legendary games like King’s Quest and Leisure Suit Larry, was acquired by Activision
  4. Our review of the Nintendo Switch

7 Line Army pics from the Beach Invasion in San Diego 2016:

Taking over the streets of downtown San Diego
In the stands with the 7 Line Army
Mets’ pitchers salute the 7 Line Army

Nintendo Switch Is Absolutely Worth It

I didn’t pre-order the Nintendo switch before the March 3rd release.  As I watched the reviews begin to pour in across social media following the launch, I immediately regretted that decision. The reviews were accompanied by widespread reports that shelf stock of the new systems was completed depleted at brick & mortar retailers as well as online stores.  I waited in line at Gamestop like a chump, eager to hand over my money, but only to be told that the best I could do was a $500 preorder for a bundle they promised would arrive by March 15th.  Dejected, I resigned myself to having to wait until Nintendo’s supply caught up with the demand.   The fever took hold with the Mousepad Heroes family, as dinner table conversation turned to wistful discussion of how the kids could save Zelda for the first time and Liz and I could relive the adventures of our youth.   

MPH Podcast EP #6 – Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

Winter continues to drag on in the northeast, which has Liz & I dreaming of warmer weather and vacation destinations.  After a little plant talk (yeah…) we discuss the common vacations we like to take and what plans may lay ahead for the year to come.  We recall some of our recent adventures and the places we’ve been around the country in the past few years.


  1. Statler & Waldorf were the names of the two old guys who cracked wise in the balcony on the Muppet Show

MPH Podcast EP #5 – Now is the Winter of our Discontent

We discuss the cabin fever blues as winter in northeastern Pennsylvania drags on with now end in sight.  Catdog joins the mix to disembowel a helpless Elmo doll as we talk a little television and discuss the details of Liz’s self imposed Facebook hiatus.


  1. The song from The Jetsons was Eep Opp Ork Ah-ah
  2. Cities: Skylines is the game we discussed, and it’s absolutely one of our favorite titles so check it out

Special thanks to all of the listeners who have supported us thus far.  Podcasting is easy to learn but difficult to master and we’re enjoying the pursuit of some great.  Thank you for taking that trip with us, we really appreciate it.