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July 2019

MPH Podcast S2E8 – The Lost Beach Tapes

In July of 2017, the MPH crew traveled to the Maryland shore for a much needed break from the stresses of podcasting. For years it’s been rumored that a special episode of the MPH podcast was recorded on the beach during this trip. The micro SD card this special episode was supposedly recorded on was also rumored to have been lost in a freak Hooters float accident. That was until now.

Please enjoy this very special episode of the MPH podcast, presented as it was heard with minor edits for excessive background noise. Our apologies as we didn’t spring for the wind guards.

MPH Podcast S2E7 – We’re Back With Cable

The show is back after a brief five month hiatus. Liz & Jay have moved the MPH crew yet again as they once again settle down in a new location. Our hosts discuss the premier of season three of Stranger Things, Wyatt drops by to give us an update on Fortnite and the cord cutting experiment comes to a close.