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MPH Podcast S2E3 – In Search of Huey

Jay & Liz cover a broad range of topics in this episode including SNL, Castle Rock, surfing and the nature of Adam & Minnie Driver’s relationship.  The awkward family photo opportunity from episode 2 has been resolved and we learned who prevailed in the battle of the matching wardrobe.

Show Notes:

  1. Adam Driver is not Minnie Driver’s brother, FYI
  2. “Woodie” is a car body style, not a specific model
  3. Up and Vanished podcast
  4. Serial Podcast  [ <- a dot org, FYI]
  5. Castle Rock on Hulu
  6. Incredible photographer who shot the beach pics

MPH Podcast S2E2 – noobs

Our crew is settling in to life in southern California.  The cycle of starting over again is grinding everyone down as our intrepid hosts attempt to find their new normal.  A critical question is raised regarding the lameness of family photos in matching clothes.


MPH Podcast S2E1 – Swish Cheese, No Meat

We rejoin our heroes for Season 2, Episode 1 from sunny, southern California.  Long gone are the mountains of Pennsylvania as the crew ha relocated yet again to the west coast.  Liz, Abby & Jay catch up on the events of the last 8 months and talk about their new life in Imperial Beach, Ca.  We’ve got carnivorous plants, slow witted Starbucks people and Catdog.  Get some!

Show notes:

  1. Watch wyattlosh pwn scrubs on Twitch
  2. The Pitcher Plant
  3. Poparella’s YouTube Channel

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MPH Podcast Season 2 – Changes in Latitude

After a six month hiatus, the MPH crew is returning with season 2 of the Mousepad Heroes Podcast.  We took a break at the end of 2017 because we needed a breather and an opportunity to recharge our energy.  The break also gave us a chance to focus on a very personal challenge for our family.   In January we knew we would be embarking on a quest, which would have to remain confidential for an indefinite period of time.  This quest would monopolize our time and we knew it would be nigh impossible to podcast without talking about what we were experiencing.  If we couldn’t talk about what was most important in our lives, then we knew we couldn’t be ourselves on the show.

We can now reveal that the hiatus and the associated cloak & dagger routine was all because the MPH crew is on the move again.  After a year & a half in the majestic hills of northeastern Pennsylvania, we’re thrilled to be heading back to the sun-soaked beaches of southern California.  We gave PA a chance but knew we had to go back to Cali.  So, we spent the last six months preparing to uproot our lives and now we can finally talk about that decision.  Season 2, Changes in Latitude, will follow our adventures as we relocate across the country for the third time in three years.  We hope you’ll join us on this zany adventure and that one of you will finally claim the damn soap dispenser.

Season 2, episode 1 will be dropping within a week of this post.  In the meantime get caught up on season 1 right here, on iTunes or wherever you get your podcast fix.