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MPH Podcast Season 2 – Changes in Latitude

After a six month hiatus, the MPH crew is returning with season 2 of the Mousepad Heroes Podcast.  We took a break at the end of 2017 because we needed a breather and an opportunity to recharge our energy.  The break also gave us a chance to focus on a very personal challenge for our family.   In January we knew we would be embarking on a quest, which would have to remain confidential for an indefinite period of time.  This quest would monopolize our time and we knew it would be nigh impossible to podcast without talking about what we were experiencing.  If we couldn’t talk about what was most important in our lives, then we knew we couldn’t be ourselves on the show.

We can now reveal that the hiatus and the associated cloak & dagger routine was all because the MPH crew is on the move again.  After a year & a half in the majestic hills of northeastern Pennsylvania, we’re thrilled to be heading back to the sun-soaked beaches of southern California.  We gave PA a chance but knew we had to go back to Cali.  So, we spent the last six months preparing to uproot our lives and now we can finally talk about that decision.  Season 2, Changes in Latitude, will follow our adventures as we relocate across the country for the third time in three years.  We hope you’ll join us on this zany adventure and that one of you will finally claim the damn soap dispenser.

Season 2, episode 1 will be dropping within a week of this post.  In the meantime get caught up on season 1 right here, on iTunes or wherever you get your podcast fix.

Iron Horse Adds a Nice Touch to Downtown Scranton

A good trip to the movies is about what you see and the experience around you.  The new Iron Horse Movie Bistro in Scranton provides a great experience and a nice upgrade for downtown. We’ve lived in the area for less than a year but we’ve observed a steady stream of new businesses opening.  An upscale movie theater with some personality is a welcome addition and it’s located near some pretty great restaurants.  For the ultimate in loafish class, you can do the whole dinner & a movie thing in the theater with the Iron Horse’s PTX Auditorium.   If you can manage to show up at least 30 min early, they’ll serve you in your pre-reserved seats.  All theater types feature electric-powered reclining seats w/cup holders and a tray table.  It’s a great, all-around experience that is distinctly better than the typical strip mall theater.  The city or property owner should touch up the paint in the Electric City parking garage to make it a little less like the set from an episode of Law & Order: SVU.


We saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 this weekend and that probably helped with the whole experience. The movie has great action and a hefty dose of relationship driven tension, the signature ingredient for a great comic book movie.  Dave Bautista once again out-performs the rest of the cast in a no longer surprising and hilarious way.  It’s worth the trip to see it in a theater and if you’re in #NEPA, do it at the Iron Horse.


We Need More of This Chicken

The divisiveness unfolding across the US and on social media is threatening to touch off the next American civil war.  It’s almost inescapable.  Comedians, streamers and other usually reliable sources for yuks and daily diversion are mired in the fray as well.  Where I used to find Rick Astley and Patrick Stewart, I’m now finding Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer.  (In fairness, the Conway and Spicer memes have been pretty funny)  These are truly extraordinary times we’re living in, and in all seriousness the gravity of that situation is not lost on me.  That being, I need a break and I’m not finding in the places I normally turn to.

And this chicken happened to me on Facebook.

And my faith in the Internet was restored.  We need more of this chicken and less of that other guy in a big way.