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MPH Podcast EP #17 – Cosplay & Whale Dreams

Pop joins Jay & Liz this week to recap her recent performance with the Creative & Performing Arts Academy of NEPA.   After a little theater talk, our hosts of course cover Game of Thrones, cosplay and Pop’s somewhat concerning dreams about living with a pet whale in Antarctica.

MPH Podcast EP #16 – Enough With the Crabs Already

After a brief summer hiatus, Liz & Jay return to debrief on the recent MPH family vacation to Ocean City, Maryland.  (solid B grade as far as mid-Atlantic vacation spots go)  Our hosts catch up on the latest story lines in Game of Thrones, so expect spoilers.  Liz has a gym membership crisis and Catdog is no help at all.

MPH Podcast EP #15 – Mother of Catdog

The anticipation is palpable as we prepare for the season seven premier of Game of Thrones.  Liz uses mostly the right character names as she takes us through a recap of key plot lines to follow.  Just when you think she’s talking about another show or book or something, she brings it back to get us ready for the big night ahead.  We mix in a little Plant Talk as well on this episode and Poparella joins us for a Pop Culture update.  Valar Morghulis kids!


  1. Poparella’s YouTube channel can be found here and you can hit her up on Twitter @MPHPoparella
  2. Stardew Valley is a great game to play with your kids and for chilling out after work
  3. Thank you 14 Hands wines keeping Liz sharp during all these episodes


MPH Podcast EP #14 – We Are Boat People

Summer is underway and the MPH crew kicked things off pimp-yacht-style.  We are now officially licensed “boat people”, which may or may not involve actually owning a boat.  Join us as we catch up on our latest summer adventures, a little Game of Thrones chat and of course, Plant Talk!

MPH Podcast EP #13 – Thighbrows

In honor of Father’s Day we discuss Poparella’s 10U youth softball playoff run, the experience of living on snack shack food and the cast of characters you find at youth sporting events.  We catch up on some Wonder Woman news and discuss ‘thighbrows’.  A special Konichiwa to our devoted Japanese listeners and Happy Father’s Day to all the dads!


  1. According to Wikipedia, Father’s Day is not a Hallmark holiday and it is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June in Japan


MPH Podcast EP #12 – RIP Bubbles & Squiggles

House MPH is left grieving after the untimely death of the family goldfish.  Jay & Liz attempt to hold it together as they discuss new movies premiering and the experience of waiting in line at Target.  The episode is dedicated to the memory of Squiggles and Bubbles.  RIP homies.