MPH Podcast EP #4 – Middle School Dances are Awkward

Wyatt makes a brief appearance in this episode as most of the MPH gang sits down to talk a little television.  We discuss a few of the shows that take us away from the insanity of everyday life. Poparella then gives us an update on the dance she recently attended and she attempts to explain the nuances of middle school relationships.  Some notes for the show:

  1. The theme song to Playing House is called “Back Before We Were Brittle“, by Say Hi.
  2. The song “The Games People Play” was written and originally performed by Joe South.  Episode 9 of season 6 of the TV show House featured an acoustic version by James Taylor that doesn’t seem to be available anywhere for download.
  3. Poparella’s YouTube channel, again…
  4. Martin Lawrence is perfectly fine as far as we know.

Edit note: We had an audio issue for the first 20 seconds or so that was quickly resolved but caused a little echo that we could not fix through editing.  We’ll work harder next time and we’re wiser for the experience.

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