After a storied three-year run, we have decided to close the books on the Mousepad Heroes podcast. I wish I could say I’m deeply saddened by the decision or that I’m writing this with furrowed brow. None of that would be true. The truth is that we’ve had an incredible experience making a podcast and now it’s time to move on to the next adventure.

I started the MPH podcast because I have a fascination with the medium and the accessibility made it easy for me to act on my inspiration. Studying everything I could find, I descended in to full nerd-mode researching and selecting gear. The original idea for the MPH podcast was a pop culture and gaming themed show. (Because there aren’t enough of those available, right?) Our angle would be to pair Abby and I together as hosts discussing our shared interests from different generational views. Witty banter would highlight the contrast of our perspectives and hilarity would most certainly ensue. Naturally that’s not how the plan unfolded.

The flu laid Abby low the weekend we were set to record our first show. Proving yet again that my wife is better than your wife, Liz stepped in to make sure that her man-child husband could still play with his new podcasting toys. That weekend we recorded what became the first episode of the MPH podcast. Liz had unintentionally usurped Abby’s cohost seat before first appearance. It didn’t matter and that dynamic only made it more fun for us in the end.

Over more than thirty episodes we learned quite a bit about the process of producing a podcast. We learned that it’s incredibly difficult just to produce a podcast, never mind one that’s actually listenable. Technical execution is not enough. We could spin gold riffing for hours when there’s no pressure, but it’s a different story when you have to do it in front of a microphone. That pressure began to shape the experience and we both agreed it was time to try something new. We’re not expecting any iTunes Podcast awards but are rewarded for our efforts with hours of recordings featuring our family talking and laughing with each other that we can save forever. Years from now we can go back and listen to what our lives sounded like and that is pretty damn cool.

mousepadheroes.com will continue to live on indefinitely. I haven’t quite figured out what to do with the site but the relatively cheap cost of web hosting means we can leave open until we have a better idea. The podcast episodes will continue to be available as well. I’m hoping to find a low cost hosting option to serve the shows indefinitely but that may not be possible. Otherwise, you can continue to follow us on all the same social media accounts. I’ll continue to use our MPH Twitter and Instagram accounts (likely under my personal name), so you can still get your fill of retweeted Lost memes.

The best thing about turning the page is discovering what lies in the chapters ahead. Of course we’re a little sad to see the MPH podcast go, however we’re more excited about what’s to come. We have more ideas and more adventures ahead of us to share. On behalf of Liz, Abby, Wyatt & Catdog, thank you for supporting us and for being a part of this journey.

Jay, Liz, Abby, Wyatt & Catdog